Exempt Well Resources

Lawsuit updates and other good information can be found on the MT Water Well Drillers Association website. Click it below.

Impacts of exempt well rulings on agriculture (View PDF)
(NEW) MAR/MBIA Supreme Court Opening Brief (View PDF)
(NEW) MT 2015 State Water Plan (View LARGE 20 MB PDF)
(NEW) MT 2015 State Water Plan Executive Summary (View PDF)
(NEW) MT Well Drillers Opening Brief (View PDF)
Water Resource Evaluation – Key Facts (Download Word .docx)
Evaluation of Montanas Water Resources (View PDF)
Water Policy Interim Committee exempt well study. (View LARGE 35 MB PDF)
Dr. Nicklin Executive Summary on water resource evaulation (View PDF)
Dr. Nicklin Full Report Water Resource Evaluation (View LARGE 41 MB PDF)
MSU-Billings – Impact of Community Water Systems for Bitterroot Valley Housing Developments
MT Building Industry Association – 2015 Housing Stats (View PDF)
MT Building Industry Association – 2014 Housing Stats (View PDF)